Our work is expressive, thoughtful, balanced, with a dash of élan.

The intersection of historical and contemporary. Flow and pause. Instinct and intelligence. Etherial and bold.

It’s here where you’ll find us!

We are Helena Nikola Interior Studio, and we create homes to tell the story of a life well-lived. By reshaping residential design as an art piece not just to live with, but to live in, we blend emotion with design, detail with craftsmanship, and rhythm with space to tell design stories layered in experiences, intelligence, and moments.

Behind the brand

An artist by design, meet Helena Nikola.

Loving mama and creator of influential interiors passionate about good design never going out of style.

Helena Nikola, founder and creative director of HNIS, is a Perth-based interior architect and designer creating multi-layered and emotive design stories with her signature flourish of élan. With academic training in Interior Architecture and over 15 years of hands-on experience working alongside some of Australia’s most renowned architecture firms, Helena brings intelligence, technical brio, and invaluable insights to every collaborative partnership.

But what makes Helena truly one-of-a-kind?
Is the way she blends her specialised design knowledge with her innate instinct, zestful passion, and a certain je ne sais quoi.

“Design is so layered, just like life.
It’s about all the experiences that unfold in the space — that is what makes a home truly special”

Helena believes that the essence of beauty is in the act of living. And true living? Happens at home. Where memories, conversations and keepsakes combine into the kind of beauty that isn’t just seen, but felt. And it’s the search for that beauty that makes Helena so passionate about creating homes that grow with you.

Depth through the details.

Helena’s design language is a comprehensive one. Through layering earthy materials, delicately balancing form and function, and always finding a way to play with natural light – Helena creates spaces that gracefully reject trends and tell a compelling, multiplex story.

Because truly good design? Isn’t anchored in fashion. It’s a language in itself.


The ethos we live and create by

“Bring your humanity to your art. Bring your art to your humanity.”
Maxime Lagace


We’ll be beside you to laugh, brainstorm, and awaken your vision of ‘home’. Because truly emotive design is born from collaboration. The coming together of multiple perspectives. And many shared coffees.


We bring our knowledge, imagination, and signature eclat to tailor-make a design story that speaks to who you are and what you believe in. Our work is a reflection of who we are as people. Honest. True. Thoughtful.


We challenge the status quo. Welcome the unexpected. And work beyond the field where your wildest dreams grow. We push the boundaries of convention to create a home as original as you are.


Élan. Derived from the Middle French word ‘(s’)eslancer’ meaning ‘to rush or dash’.

We believe in the regularly undervalued, often overlooked value of élan. Because to evoke curiosity, delight, and to surprise, is a magical power of compelling design. It’s a treat to experience and creates charming twists, turns, and adventures within our visual stories.